Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Place for Everything: My Craft Cupboard

I'm in major "nesting" mode. I am cleaning and organizing everything. I have also been watching this show.
I love Peter Walsh. I watched him years ago on Clean Sweep, so I was happy to see him have a new show on OWN.

This is my craft cupboard. I have had this little cupboard since I was 7 years old. My dad built it for me for Christmas one year, and it has followed me around since I left my parents home. I love it.  (Although I really want to paint it...any ideas on a "caute" color?)

Over the years my little cupboard has had a lot of uses, but this one is here to stay. With the help of that darn Target {seriously they should pay me}, I found all these cute little bins in the dollar area.
And they fit in the cupboard perfectly! The top shelf is old plastic salsa or condiment containers from Costco. It is a pain to get the smell out, and the sticker label off the jar, but- it was free so I was all for doing the work so I could reuse the container.
I went through drawers of junk, and plastic bins of paper crafting stuff, and organized every last little brad, nail, clip, button, ribbon, piece of chipboard, and tac.

The small drawers hold adhesive and ink pads. The cupboard holds 8 by 8 paper, and empty albums.
The other things, like pens, markers, and scissors, have to go up really high- so my kids don't have an art party! I'm sure I could add some cute labels to the little buckets- but you know, I have boys- and they will just come and pull them off! Plus, I can see what is inside of them, so it works for me.
Enough Already has really taught me that you have to set limits for your stuff- as you organize and that is exactly what I have been doing - through every area in my house. Let me just say- I have a bin of scrapbook stuff, and a bin of sewing stuff,vinyl letters & signs, home decor, and more- for a yard sale and  for donating....along with 1/2 a garage full of other stuff! It feels so good! I have more to show you....hope you love organizing as much as I do! :)
Is anyone else doing some decluttering/spring cleaning? I'd love to hear what you plan to keep and toss!
Happy Decluttering!
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deemcd said...

Seeing how you repurposed your little cupboard has inspired me. My Daddy made me one over 50 years ago and it's time to get it out of the attic. The sewing room will be the perfect spot, after I repair a little and paint it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

the nayz said...

Love the cupboard. I think a teal, buttery yellow or a robin egg blue would be fun--- oh oh oh or even a barn red.

TheBorman5 Plus1 said...

I loved this post. The cupboard is amazing. I enjoy the wood unpainted. Maybe just a darker finish? Whatever you fall in love with is what matters!!