Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainbow & Green Activities for Kids

We did a few fun rainbow and green activities in preschool, and  at home.
First up- Rainbow ice cream sandwiches- m&m cookies, ice cream, rainbow sprinkles

Painting a rainbow using cut up sponges
We also made Rainbow Crayons in Muffin Tins (but my computer w/ those photos got shipped away...:(

Candy Rainbows using colored licorice and Hershey's Gold candies

Add this cute tag, a celephane bag, and bow for a fun neighbor/friend/child gift

Green Shamrock Collages- using anything green

My version of Green Eggs to go with Green Eggs and Ham-
green pudding, vanilla wafer, and rainbow sprinkles

What fun St. Patrick's Day activities are you doing?

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{p.s. I'm still having computer issues...ugh.}

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Anonymous said...

I saw your Candy Rainbows and knew instantly I had to make them for my homeroom students. High School Boys like candy too! Thanks for the great idea!

Erica said...

so cute. i really should get my booty in gear and try some of these!

and where did your birthday post go? i just read it on my google reader and wanted to wish you a happy birthday. even if you don't feel too happy. we all struggle and it's almost always with things and in ways that others don't know or see. i just wanted to let you know how highly i think of you. you're gorgeous, creative, talented, and a great mom. i hope you had a great day :)

Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing :)

I featured your "green eggs" idea on my blog on Sunday, feel free to come check it out & grab a button: http://www.artsyfartsymama.com/2012/03/pinteresting-features-n-shtuff-24.html

Valerie said...

I started a blog to document teaching ideas and activities I've gathered over the years and SO glad I found your site while looking back on a cute Green Eggs and Ham "cooking" activity for kids! I saw a teacher do this with her kindergartners and absolutely loved it!!! I wanted to let you know I credited you here and really appreciate the ideas you're sharing out there!