Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Idea: Make A Teacher Survival Kit

The other day I got distracted from doing the laundry and made this. Sometimes that happens...especially after I go to Target. ☺ Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Being a teacher myself, I know how nice it is to feel appreciated. My son has a great teacher this year! We just love her. So I made her what I call a "Teacher Survival Kit". {Just need a cute poem to go with it....hhhmmm....}
Want to make one for your favorite teacher?
Here ya go:

 I started with this container. You can find these lots of places now- but look in the fishing gear where the tackle boxes are for one that is really affordable. I had used this one before, so it had letters written on it, which I scrubbed away with my Mr. Clean eraser.
Next, fill the box with things the teacher might need and enjoy.
 The nice thing about these boxes, is that the divider thingys come out so you can make the sections any size you like. I included the extra dividers, so she could reuse the box. There are some Dr. Seuss erasers throughout, to fill the empty spaces.

Some of the things do not fit in the box. I got our teacher's favorite treat, and few other things.
 SO...this stuff will need a container too.
To make the pencils not so boring, I added fabric and twine on top to make a little flower. I used a hot glue gun, and just folded the fabric and twisted it until it sort-of-kind-of looked like a flower. I added twine at the bottom of it to help hold it on and cover the messy end of fabric. ☺

 So this stuff needed a box....and I just used a cracker box which I cut in half.
 It had to be CUTE though. I found this cute wrapping paper in the dollar section at Target. I had some Dr. Seuss stuff that I was including, so this matched perfectly. I think I bought about 10 rolls of this cheap wrapping paper-- they had really cute patterns and designs! {thanks Target dollar section- I never spend just a dollar there....}
I used the same wrapping paper to cover the other container, and added a tag, with some stickers. That is it. Now all I need is a card letting her know just how much we really appreciate her!

Thanks for reading!
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Shauna said...

Love it, thanks for sharing! Hope you are having an amazing day! Shauna from http://www.trying2staycalm.com/

Danielle said...

I absolutely love all of your ideas! You have really put me in a very creative mood! Thank you!
New mother - Danielle