Friday, May 27, 2011

What the Cuteness-Friday Finds- Via Pinterest

I am loving Pinterest! Not that I am on there everyday, (which is a good thing), but when I do look- there is so much eye candy it makes me about drool! Here are some fun things I have found in the past week via Pinterest.

You have to see the back- it is really really cute!

This is just amazing! I wish I had a wall to do this to in my house.
This is from A Mountain Bride

Nutella Cookie Recipe-- need I say more? We could live off Nutella in this house. :)

From the archives of Centsational Girl she had this idea in her files! Clever clever!

There are so many good ideas out there! I love Pinterest- because it gives me a way to catalog them by photograph! OH....I love pretty photos and ideas :) Now if I had like a 1000 hours a day, I could attempt some of the great ideas I've found on Pinterest....

Happy Pinning! If you want an invite, shoot me an email :)
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Amy said...

oooh! Could I please have an invite to pinterest? My photog friends have been raving about it, but apparently I am stuck on the waiting list.. :D Thanks!

Tanya said...

Pintrest is too fun. I have spent way too much time on there. Thanks for the invite. I loved that quilt too when I saw it... Too many good ideas and not enough time in the day. I did try a new recipe from there the other day. I made the braided apple bread, yumm...It was totally gone 5 minutes after dinner. Everyone loved it.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love pinterest!! Found this blog post looking for cookie recipes - the recipe I found first is setting in the fridge but wow this looks so much easier! Officially see a chocolate cookie tasteathon coming up soon :D