Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Birthday Mania & Confessions

It is birthday mania at our house. I have 3 boys- almost 4 boys- who all have birthdays in the summer, and some are really close together. Tomorrow we are having a LEGO b'day party--- we'll see how that all turns out and share it with you of course.  Here is a photo of a party we had last week- our youngest turned two! It was a doggy/car party since we went to CARS 2 as part of the celebration- {he is two- I was not going to go party-hardy crazy...just give him what he loves.}

 After reading THIS post, I feel much better about how I survive these crazy months. {thank you Ashley for keeping it real!} AND after reading blog after blog on Lego Birthday Party Ideas.... I am already tired! Not to mention that I am 37 weeks pregnant- just sayin...it takes a lot of energy and time to plan fancy birthday parties!

So it comes down to this:
1. I am using other people's ideas-and bless them for coming up with such good ideas and being willing to share them!
2. I am SIMPLIFYING the games and decorations by not using other people's ideas too-otherwise known as making something up that 6 year olds will love.
3. I am using a cake mix and frosting from a can- {we all know that frosting tastes super good}.
4. My house might be kind of messy when everyone comes over and I might not be wearing any make-up.
5. Nothing will be perfect.
6. I am going to bed before midnight whether the decorations are up or not.

Look, as long as Legos are involved, I'm sure all will be well.
So when you see my "Lego Party Post..." just remember these things.

 Two birthday parties down, only a new baby and another birthday to go!
Me and my big fat swollen ankles have some birthday stuff to do and a cake to bake!
Thanks for Reading! oxoxo

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Niki said...

Both Emma and Olivia have birthdays in June (20 days apart) so this year I did a combined party. It totally took some of the stress off to combine the party. On Olivia's birthday I made simple cupcakes and we sang to her, but I went "all out" for the party. I do it with the boys, too, who have birthdays 3 days apart. I try and combine themes and that way I am only doing two parties a year. Now, when Aidan goes to school and gets friends, who knows, but for now it works :) Good luck and take it easy, your at the stage of pregnancy where you should try and take it easy!