Monday, September 26, 2011

DownEast Basics Blogger Night {one of my favorites}

I have been a fan of DownEast Basics since they were a little tiny unknown company in Utah Valley back in the 90's. They sold seconds from Pottery Barn and name brand clothing lines. I frequently purchased items from their tent sales. I still have furniture in my home I bought back then from DownEast.
Today DownEast Basics has 45 stores across the nation. I was very happy to find one had opened at my local mall in Tucson Arizona! YAY! I was even more thrilled to be invited to their blogger night a few days ago! Whoot! {Sure I'll go shopping at one of my favorite stores, no problem.}

If you have not heard of DownEast Basics, let me fill you in. DownEast specializes in basic layering pieces and fashion clothing for women, and also has a new line for little girls. They also specialize in modest clothing, which is hard to find these days! And their prices are excellent! Most items are in the $10-40 dollar range. They also always have some sort of special going on in their stores and online.
They even gave each of us a $25 dollar gift card that could be used anytime! I love a generous company!
DownEast Basics has a boutique style store and clothing, without the price tag. They also constantly have sales, and have some of the most up and coming fashion out there. Check out their fashion blog for great style tips and tricks! I am a big fan of their jewerly, layering tanks and tees, and their skirts! I own several of their skirts, and had to buy another that night as well. I also bought the cutest purse- I can't wait to show you!

It was also fun to see old friends I haven't seen for a little while. Here is my sweet friend Rainy- who works for DownEast Basics and her very nice boss- who I enjoyed talking with:

My go-to girl for fabric was there! Melanie who runs Above All Fabric, and it is always fun to see her- though this time I was buying clothing and not fabric-ha ha- Melanie is one of the nicest business gals I know.
(remember I just had a baby....)

My friend JoAnne was there too! She has a cute little blog- and also runs a preschool! I always have fun with this girl!
A few of the bloggers who were there- sadly, I did not get everyone's blog so I can't link you up with all these great gals-- but if you see yourself in this pic, please leave a comment w/ your blog so I can come say hi!
A big thanks to DownEast Basics for all the fun we had and shopping!
 Make sure you check it out in the Tucson Mall if you are local, or online if you aren't!
Have fun shopping!
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Niki said...

I am so excited that they have a store in Tucson!!! Which mall is it? I have been ordering clothes from them on line for years.