Monday, October 10, 2011

Cardboard Tube Halloween Creature Crafts

I love Halloween. But I decided I don't like any of my current decorations. I also don't want to spend any money on Holiday Decor. This one was FREE!! Thanks to the cardboard TP tubes. This is a fun kid's craft or one you can do easily  using a paint brush.
Cut the tubes to the desired length.
PAINT them your base color. I used craft acrylic paints.
ADD details....I painted on faces, and added googley eyes, and used pieces of the tubes for the pumpkin stem, and the frankenstein nose and side pieces.
The mummy was made by modge podging a ripped up tissue on top of the paint. I also left little pieces of the TP on it before painting. kids are going to make the Frank. (Ignore the hot glue on just pretend it is like monster boogers...ha ha.)
If only I had better paintbrush skills....and mad hot glue gun skills. I don't know which one sucks worse- probably my glue gun skills...oh well...

Happy Halloween to all the monsters and moms out there!
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