Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Gigantic Candy Corn Decor

 Maybe you have seen this before, but I had not. So I had to make one. My friend had a ghost made this way, that lights up. So I thought candy corns would be kind of fun. I bought some cheap fleece fabric from Walmart....and cut and sewed it into a candy corn shape.
 HERE is the fun part. The inside of these is a tomato cage turned upside down, with clear lights strung on it. We already had 2 tomato cages, and the lights. Slip your candy corn (or ghost or which hat or whatever you want to make) over it and ta-dah!-You have a homemade yard decoration.
 This could easily be changed out at Christmas for something-- some cute trees or something fun.
Happy Halloween!
Thanks for reading!
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