Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kid's Craft: Star Wars Valentine's Box {R2D2}

You probably think I am just going to skip Valentine's Day blogging altogether right? WELL... I have a few little things to share. We had to make a little Valentine's Box for first grade. I remember when I made mine in first grade. We had a contest. I REALLY wanted to win. I worked so hard on decorating that silly box. Sure enough I won...and I was one little happy 6 year old. I am with my kids- who are not girls- trying to turn a very "girly" holiday into a boy one. Enter Star Wars. If you saw our Halloween, and our Christmas ornaments, then you are probably not surprised.

Here is what we made from a shoe box.
 We just had a little R2D2 toy, so I googled, for images so I could get all the shapes right. Instead I found this design for a t-shirt, from Serial Moms. It fit perfectly onto the lid of the shoe box! So we just used that. I had my child trace and color all the shapes on it. I also had him cut out blue construction paper shapes that I had drawn for the head part. We attached the head-which is cardboard coverd in duct tape- to the lid of the shoebox, and then used popsicle sticks on the back to brace it so it won't flop all over the place. And since it was for Valentine's...we added a heart sticker where the red button should be.
We cut a hold in one of the biggest rectangles, and it is just right for dropping in those sweet little grade school cards. My son is so excited about his box, and I think I "boy-i-fied" the holiday. At least for this year!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Thanks for reading!

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aurra said...

A long time ago, in a Utah state far, far away....
A certain (now Star Wars creatin' mother) had an endless amount of galactical loathing and ridicule for the ways of the force. There is hope that Sith Lord's can be turned to the good side of the force!

mylittlegems said...

Yes Aurra, or should I call you Tara... I have embraced the good side of the force!

camsmommy said...

Love this! We might have to try this one next year. I of course, am pinning it. haha Thanks!

Lindsay said...

We are making this, in pink, for my 2nd grade daughters Valentines Box.