Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cardboard Tube Bunnies {by kids}

Last year I made these Easter Bunnies from cardboard tubes. Let's face it- no kids helped me create those-because if they did, they would not look like those . If kids helped me, I would get these:

 These are still very cute, but these are the kid-friendly version.
First I cut the tubes in a bunny shape, so that it was all one piece-ears and all.
Next the children painted them- expressing themselves-- with lots of colors. (ha ha) I used washable paint.
And last- I used tacky glue to attach googly eyes, a button nose, and a fuzzy ball tail, and I used a sharpie for the whiskers.

Pretty cute. And the best part- it was basically free- and the children loved and treasured their creation!

Thanks for reading! Happy Spring!
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