Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY Crayon Monogram for Teacher Gift

This is another project I made LAST fall.... But since it is Teacher Appreciation Week- I thought I would share. I'm sure you have seen these crayon monograms around. The idea came from FAMILY FUN MAGAZINE.

There are different versions of this. We took the papers off of the crayons (soak the crayons in water and they come right off) and then Gorilla-Glued them to burlap. NOTE- don't use Gorilla Glue- it left a mess to clean up- since it expands when drying. Hot glue or super glue would probably be a better choice.
See what you learn when you make stuff? ha ha.
Anyway, the teacher loved it. It is really cute with the crayon papers left on. Check out pinterest- you'll see it a bunch.

Happy Teacher Appreciation! Is Mother's Day really Sunday?
I can't keep up with all these holiday events! 
When is summer? Wait. That is birthday crazy time at our house.
I need a vacation for all this celebration. :)
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rebecca said...

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!