Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Ring Edible Bracelet {Crafting with Kids}

 Several weeks ago, I bought all these round things with holes- in hopes of coming up with some fun Olympic craft. Well....the Olympics are in full swing- so it was time to make a little something. My boys were loud and crazy, until I pulled this stuff out. And they thought I was the best mom- at least for today. And they were quiet for a few minutes. And pleasant. And saying nice things to each other.
That was a nice moment.
We used simple things to make a simple edible bracelet.
I like simple crafts for kids- no prep for me- no fancy stuff- just good and simple fun.

So if you need a simple craft, the calm down the kiddies, and give them something fun to do - have them make one of these- while you watch the Olympics.

Happy Summer!
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