Monday, July 30, 2012

Scrabble Tile Wipe-Off Menu Board

 In case anyone is still reading this blog...I thought I'd finally share something with you I made a while ago...a {caute} menu board. I actually made this wipe-off board years ago using an old picture frame- that I spray painted and added fabric behind the glass. I wasn't really using it though and wanted a menu board in my kitchen- - that would perhaps- urge me to plan better meals for my family. I had a paper calendar I was using- but sometimes I'd plan and sometimes I'd just pull something out of the pantry. Anyone know what that is like?

So here is how I did it: I used this picture frame-and added some fabric and ric-rac behind the glass. Then I used Gorilla Glue to glue on the scrabble tile pieces. To weigh it down-which you have to do with Gorilla Glue- I just put lots of books on it. It worked but moved the tiles a little- so they weren't as straight as I would have liked. Oh well.
 The little letter holder from the Scrabble game, works for a pen holder, but you could also spell out today's meal on that- like use the letters and put up "PIZZA" or whatever you are eating.

Another thing I have been doing to simplify meal planning, is planning from certain categories on specific nights- you can see that on the right of the board- I change it every once in a while- so I did not want to put it on there permanently. I attached the menu board to the side of the fridge using Command Velcro Strips. I love those things, but can they please make them less expensive?
That is it. It is fun- my kids love looking up to see what we are eating. The bright colors and fun look makes meal planning a little more exciting for me- so it is a win-win.
Thanks for reading!

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