Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY Halloween Wreath & a fun photo

Finally I finished this little wreath. Last year I had all the supplies to make this and just never got around to making it. Yep, that is how it is sometimes.

 Here is what I did:

Foam Wreath (4.50 at Walmart)
Socks from Dollar Store
Old Wood/vinyl sign
Small broom from Target 2.50
Fabric Scraps
Baker's Twine
black yarn
black pipecleaner
googley eyes
First, I cut off the feet of the socks and thread the foam wreath through them. I cut an opening in the wreath so I could do this. I hot glued the ends in place. Next, I drew a shoe pattern on some cardboard and cut it out. I covered it with some black scrap fabric, and cut gold buckles from felt.
The wooden sign would not really stay attached to the broom and the wreath- since it was kind of heavy. So here comes the Baker's Twine. Let's pretend it is a it can hold everything in place better! Since it is a cobweb, I made a small spider using the same twine and some black yarn, added pipecleaner legs, and googley eyes. (Or maybe my 5 year old made the spider....since it kind of looks that way.:))  With the fabric scraps I made a tassle, and added a big fat fabric scrap to hang it up on .
 It's fun, it is different, and it was pretty easy. I'm not a big wreath making girl, so I was happy with it.
And I'll probably keep it inside for now....
 And just because you were nice enough to check in and read this post, I'll share my sweet little guy's current hair- do with you. It is really long, and rather mullet like- but I shall not cut it just yet. Cutting my baby's hair has always been a sign that my baby is growing up way too I put it off as long as possible.  It hangs in his face- and I have already cut the front just so he could see, but it is still very very long. He is oh so darling, and quite the little dude. I just love this little guy.

Thanks for reading! And Happy October!
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Jessica @ A Humble Creation said...

What a precious picture of your little one! My youngest also is a big fan of styling his hair with food covered hands. He's also my blondie, so all those food bits show up so well!