Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Will I ever get caught up??

Is anyone still out there???
It is almost 9 p.m.
I'd like to sit here and finish my blog posts....that are in draft form. There are at least 3- a give-a-way/review, a recipe, and craft- and more I'd love to share.
BUT- my bed has a mountain of laundry on it.
The dishes are dirty and the sink is full of them.
I have not done my exercise today- 1/2 hour weights, 1/2 hour cardio.
One child has had a 102 temp. all day long. Another one has been teething, so he has also been running a fever.

AND...the kids just got to bed, after baths, 20 minutes of stories, and everything else.
So I could sit and blog for you...or I could fold laundry, do dishes,  eat my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich---and try to make my house livable, so I can sleep.

I think I'll choose the later. But - no worries- I shall get the posts I want to share posted....someday!

Thanks for still checking this blog every once in a while- even if my life has kind of taken over...
Thanks for reading.

In the meantime- are you in instagram?? If so - come share your photos with me. I'd love to ses what you are doing too.  I just started this instagram thing- as I just got my first "smart phone." We'll see how smart it really is... ha!
I can be found at www.instagram.com/mlgems

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Emily said...

Sounds almost identical to my house every night lately.

Don't be so hard on yourself for not blogging! I know the overwhelmed feeling being a mom and bring. IT NEVER ENDS! I'm sure your readers would much rather you had a happy home, instead of keeping up on the blog, as much as we love your cute posts.

Jennifer said...

I'm always out here, reading what you're up to. It certainly is hard to do it all with kids, but I admire you for getting your priorities right. You always have amazed me! And you'll make it through this phase, too. Don't worry about the posts. Do what's most important for you and your family right now.