Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Jewelry Holder/Organizer

Back in January, my husband made this for me- a late Christmas gift. With all the craziness we have had this year, I haven't had time to post it. So here it is- my jewelry holder and wall- thanks to my husband and his skills.

 For a while I had my jewelry in a basket. That didn't really work. I could never mind anything and it was a tangled mess. Then I bought some hanging pocket things from Marshalls. I still use them for smaller necklaces, and rings, etc. But I had too many bulky things for those pockets to hold.

So finally we made an earring holder and what a difference it made!We used a frame we had, and spray painted it. I bought the metal backing at Hobby Lobby with a coupon. The entire thing was about $8 or less.

 I needed more earring space, and we had some of the backing left over, so my husband made me another one, again using a frame we already had. We added some hooks from IKEA for necklaces, and a small curtain rod from IKEA for bracelets. This curtain rod works great, because you can easily pop out one end, to take off a bracelet, and pop it back in place.

AND yes... I KNOW I have way to much jewelry- at least it looks that way.

Thanks for reading. And for your kind comments!! Things are looking up!!
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Niki said...

So cute!!! Love the curtain rod idea too.