Saturday, March 30, 2013

RoseArt Suprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk Winners and Contest

Hey EVERYONE! You can still win $200!! Go to Walmart, Target, or K-mart- look in the outdoor toys section. I think that is where you will find Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk by RoseArt! If not, ask someone in the store. It only costs $3 and you could win $200~ !  Use it to create something fun with your kids, send me a photo, and win a $200 Visa Gift Card!! You have until April 8th! Send  your photo to me - at little gems crafts (all one word) at {gmail} dot {com} before April 8th and I'll send it to RoseArt!
NOW the winners of two free packs of chalk:
These winners were picked based on their creative idea for a surprise inside. Each pack of chalk comes with a mini figure hidden inside the largest piece of chalk.
WINNER ONE: JENNIFER-who said her kids would love a dinosaur!
WINNER TWO: S-who said a mini car to push/drive around on our chalk track :-)
Thank you for leaving me contact information! Send me your address, so I can send your chalk to you right away!
I'm telling you, get creative and enter! I won a  gift card from Rose Art  for my creative use seen in this post here! It's easy and fun! So get your chalk and draw!!

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Jennifer said...

Congrats on winning the gift card! I hope you have fun with the cash! :)