Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY Loft Make-over- Before and After {Saturday Sneak Peek}

For all the details on this room...see this post.
We spent our summer working on a little project- our loft. I have a whole list full of projects, but since I am very pregnant with twins, and my husband works crazy hours, there wasn't much time or energy to get them all done. So I thought I'd show you just a sneak peek of our current re-do of our loft! A more detailed post will come later- with all that stuff you always want to know when you see a DIY make-over.
So here is the Before:

And here is the After:
And here they are side by side:

Obviously, you can't see the entire room in these photos, but you get a good idea of the make-over we did. Watch for a more detailed post coming soon! Happy Weekend!
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Niki said...

Gorgeous!!!! Those shelves are killer.

Jocie@TheBetterHalf said...

looks amazing and I love those billy bookcases! Sharing on FB wednesday and will be featuring you on Thursday. Thanks so much for linking up to support Habitat4Humanity!

Tiffany said...

Wow! Love it! Love the colors and the white trims.

Anna See said...

Love it! Over here from Better After. Where did you get that awesome yellow rug?

Heather said...

Where did you get that yellow rug?

mylittlegems said...

Rug is from rugs USA.

mylittlegems said...

Rug is from rugs USA