Thursday, September 5, 2013

Loft Makeover {ALL the Details}

I have had a lot of questions about our recent makeover of our loft, and where we got the things in it-especially the rug. So here is the post with all the details of how this room came together. Thanks to Before and After for the Feature! I'm sure I left something off, so please leave a comment if you have a question and I'll get back to you. There is one wall that isn't featured here, so as soon as it is finished- photos hung up- I'll add it to this post.

Re-doing this loft has really helped me to see, that it's not about the size of the space you have- it is about what you do with it. This is one of my favorite rooms to be in now, and it was a beige box.
I did not want to repaint the walls, because that was a lot of work, and we don't plan on staying in this house forever, so we went with basic colors for walls and floors.
**The bean bag is from uglysofa. I get a lot of great deals from her website. The toy kitchen to the left has been moved out and a wing-backed chair sits there. *Most of the decorative items on the shelves I either already had, or I got on clearance at Target or Marshalls or Hobby Lobby.
More details about the other pieces are listed below.

Let's look at the before: (link has more before photos)

The paint color is Sherwin Williams Kilm Beige- I think. When we built this house, we upgraded our carpet, but it is still a basic beige color. Really, this room is pretty boring- minus my cute son who likes to read. ☻

We found inspiration all over Pinterest, and some of my favorite decorating blogs. After seeing a few people use basic IKEA shelves to make built-ins, I got measuring. I found shelves from IKEA that fit the amount of space we had available.
I think we used BILLY shelves, but it really depends on the size of the space you have.

We first painted the backs of the shelves with an accent color. We used Behr's Teal Zeal. My husband also added pieces down the edges of the shelves, to make it look more built in. We also added the molding, and had to match the paint. For the white pieces we added we used a paint from Lowes, Valspar's Creamy Delight. I think Censational Girl used this and it matched perfectly we discovered!

We did not fill the holes on the sides for adjusting the height of the shelves. It would look more professional if we did, but I think I may want to adjust the height of the shelves. Caulking the edges of the shelves where they touch the walls, will also make them pretty permanent.

Most of the basics for this room we already had. I just moved stuff from other rooms in the house, to this room.
1. The couch was a deal from Costco. We have had it for several years. The pillows in the picture, are mostly made by me. The turquoise ones are bought from Marshalls, but the rest are slip-covered pillows I have had. In fact, many were in my bedroom a long time ago. Above the couch is our family gallery art wall.
2. The yellow rug- I love this rug so much, I ordered it in another color for our great room. This rug is from rugsusa. If you buy a rug from them at the right time, you can get a huge discount. I have gotten my rugs at 65-80% off! They also offer free shipping. It is really helpful to read the reviews on the rugs before you order, because returning a rug can be a huge pain. This rug was found under the "modern rugs" tab, and is nice and thick. It is a polyester blend rug, not wool.
3. The end table I have also had for years. It was from a thrift store, and cost about $7. It has always been this yellow color, which is actually a tractor spray paint color. The lamp is from Home Goods, and was always in this room. I actually picked the bookshelf paint color based on this lamp color.
4. The curtains and curtain rod are from IKEA.

The leather ottoman is from Costco. I have had it for about a decade. While I would have loved to do a white bench to match the shelves, I am glad we left this here. It holds many of the bigger  toys- cars, trucks, etc. The pillows are all ones that used to be in my bedroom. I know they are wrinkled...but you know, with a house full of boys, they use these for one thing: jumping on them. There is no reason for me to have fancy pillows at this time. I sewed the covers, so that they are washable and I can change them if I want.

 1. I removed the small play kitchen (that you see a little bit of in some of the photos), and put Grandma's chair back in the room. I have thought of recovering this chair, but it sort of goes with the room, so we have kept it as is for now.
2. The turquoise throw is from Marshalls.
3. The pillows are more of the same pillows I have had that are slip covered, for easy cleaning or changing.
4. This hutch/ entertainment center was a thrift store find many years ago. We painted it white, but left the top the original color. We have hung our T.V. above it, and have a collage of family photos to hang above that- all in white frames.
5. Mirror- also had for a while - a clearance find from Kirkland's.
That pretty much covers the entire room. It is literally 100 square feet of space- very small. But wow- it feels so much bigger now!

Thanks for reading or stopping by! We have more makeovers coming as we try to get our house ready for these TWINS coming in a month!! On another note, This is my 1000th post!! Crazy!
I did not know I had that many things to write about. :)
Thank you to everyone who reads, and leaves nice comments.

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Jennifer said...

Wow! That room looks AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing. We will be building a home shortly and I need some ideas!

Laurel said...

I LOVE this room! You did an excellent job. So fun and cheery. Love.