Saturday, June 21, 2008

Revealing....but fun too...

This is a fun one- I guess it lets others see what you are like on just a regular day. I got this from my cousin, Cami. Here are the RULES: Take photos of the following things AS IS- no cleaning up! Have fun and Keep it real! Here are the items: 1. Kids-if you have them and what they are doing right now. 2. self-portrait-as you are right now 3. Dream Vacation 4. Bathroom (originally it was the toliet-but I just can't do that) 5. Favorite Room 6. Kitchen sink 7. Inside of the Refridgerator 8. Your shoes 9. Your laundry-room or pile 10. Inside your closet Here is mine-FROM a few days ago
tucked in a ball (he does have 4 limbs)
that darn blankie...he has to have it
What the kids are doing: top photos are what they are doing when I did this-currently napping-and bottom is what we did earlier-to wear them out so they would take naps
Self-Portrait: Not my finest moment- NO make-up and pigtails and it isn't lookin' too pretty.
(I really didn't want to post this-but we are keepin' it real-and so what...)

Dream Vacation: I love the Marriott and I love beaches and I love Hawaii... we did go here for our honeymoon some years ago- it is away from all the crowds in Wakiki- and so peaceful- we stayed in a time-share that was just beautiful- another great thing about this place-is that while it is raining on the rest of Oahu, it isn't raining here-it is West of everything- and just about one of the best little places in also has private beaches-and the snorkeling was unbelievable-we saw everything-and even touched the turtles. It is not the fanciest vacation-but it was enough for me- and I just loved it. I DREAM of going back here someday! aaahhhh
BATHROOM: one of my two- the other is a big mess right now-but I had just cleaned this one.
My Favorite Room: Right now this is my favorite room because IT IS CLEAN and it use to be our toyroom but we just changed things around- I like having a clean entry-to-the-house-room.

Kitchen Sink: I try to keep my sink clean as found here
INSIDE THE REFRIDGERATOR: and here it is...what we eat....(I know it is so exciting...not)
SHOES:I don't really wear shoes-except to church or when I workout. I wear flip-flops and slippers...and that is about it. (I know if you knew me years ago or you are related to me you are probably shocked by this-since I did own more shoes than I could count...)
INSIDE THE CLOSET:um...let's see...we just moved...and I am still working on organizing things...:)
LAUNDRY ROOM/PILE: I have been working for several weeks at getting this mess caught up...and I'm still working on it.
And now I am off to get stuff cleaned up (yet again) before naptime is over! (I tag all those who would like to do this:))

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familywithfivekids said...

Sharla - great post! I will need to do this, but now I should be studying and not checking out blogs. Regardless, I love your blog and all the fun things you post.