Monday, June 23, 2008

A Must-have for every mommy!

So one day when I was pregnant with #2, my husband brought this little baby home one day. It is a must-have for every pregnant lady-or for that matter-every mother who picks up children's toys all day and hurts her feet stepping on them. I was doing that all the time, when I was pregnant with #2 and it was really wearing on me. When my husband brought this home, I was overcome with joy! You can find one of these babies at a medical supply store and I recently saw them at Target . I still use mine to pick up those lovely cars my son hauls all over the house. So if you don't have one- I don't even know what this is called-but it is the best thing for saving your back-especially if you are pregnant- and for that matter-even if you aren't- it is worth having one for picking up all that stuff you don't want to bend over for, reaching up high or behind things or under things. Seriously, I think every mommy could use one of these.

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familywithfivekids said...

I still have my grabber from when I had my hip replacement - It was a lifesaver since I could not bend over for what seemed like forever. I had to use it to help me put on my socks and shoes too. The kids love to play with it.