Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Gems #1

I am going to start a new series of posts called Summer Gems. Some of these posts will deal with saving money, some with having fun with the kids, and others may deal with crafting and cooking or cleaning....just my attempt to appreciate what I have been given, and make the most of some tough times.

Summer Gem #1 Sunflower Market

I just read online that Sunflower Market closed several stores in the Ohio area. the west they are opening up more stores! I went there today and got tons of fresh fruits, pasta, veggies, etc. and only spent $17. I was amazed, as usual, and try to make a trip there on Wednesdays-when they have double ad day. The advertised prices from the week before and the upcoming week are both good on Wednesday. If you don't have a Sunflower Market where you live, check out their website, as they are opening new stores soon! Serious Food...Silly Prices-it really is true!

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Michelle said...

I look forward to your summer gems. You always find such great stuff. I have never heard of Sunflower Market. I totally love the idea of double ad day. I wish more stores did that!