Friday, June 27, 2008


I am a huge fan of Target. BUT I am an even BIGGER fan on You can find items you can't find in the stores. They constantly offer free shipping on things. Here is my story from today! I ordered a car seat for my son who has outgrown his current car seat. I spent more $ than I would usually spend on one, but after reading the reviews, it was the only one I could allow my son to ride in. Walmart had it too, but with the free-shipping from, it was cheaper from Target (as I have found most things seem to be). So today I checked the order status, and it was delivered yesterday and left on my doorstep. Well at the time it was delivered, it was pouring rain. I was home. So I don't think it was actually delivered, or it was stolen, which -considering where we live, is very likely. So today I saw the UPS man, and I flagged him down and asked him where my package was...and he had no answer. He tried to figure it out- did it go to the wrong address-etc. In the meantime, I called and told them the situation. So they are totally sending me a new car seat (OK so I already paid for one and never got it) for free and with 2 day shipping- no questions asked. Now I know most people love Target, but I hope I just gave you another reason to be loyal to that store!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE TARGET!

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Michelle said...

I am impressed. Go Target! Which carseat did you order?