Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chunky Crayons

color combinations we tried: orange-black-yellow (butterfly crayon) red-black-white (Mickey) ,
yellow-green (dandelion?), and blues and white-(sky and clouds)
Of course my son enjoyed stacking them and pretending they were something else other than crayons- I should have known he would do that!

If you google "recycled chunky crayons" you will find this everywhere. I thought they would be fun to do, so we finally did it. Basic instructions are: preheat oven to 275.(I think it should be less than that -like maybe 250.) Peel crayons. Spray muffin tins w/ cooking spray. Put pieces of desired colors in the tins. Watch carefully. It only takes about 7 min. or less for it to melt. Stir w/ a toothpick if you wish or leave as is. Stick in refridgerator to help them harden up. When they are hard, they will pop right out and there you will have your chunky crayons!


Renee said...

Do I have to use an old muffin pan that I will never use again for cooking?

aaronandsharla said...

No you do not need to use an old muffin tin. Just spray it w/ the Pam spray and clean it as soon as you are done and it should be fine! have fun!