Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pudding Painting

I remember doing this in BYU pre-school when I was 3 years old, so it is obviously not new. However, I could not find much about "how-to" do it online, but it is so super easy-we just did it on our own-from memory. You will need: pudding, food coloring, paper, or brown paper bags or other paper. I covered the table w/ brown paper from grocery sacks. We made the pudding as directed in the blender. Next, we poured the pudding into individual cups and added the food coloring! Now you are ready to finger paint and eat at the same time! (I kept a wet rag handy for wiping down fingers and hands, but my son could also lick his fingers too-it was only pudding.)
Excited to paint with pudding- make sure you wear a smock over your clothes!
Messy hands and fingers but so much fun!

Our finished works of art! You can let it dry and it will stay on the paper. I don't know how long you would want to save it, but it will keep for a little while at least.

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Young Family said...

I had Hayden finger piant last week. He was not really interested. If I had allowed him to eat it maybe that would have changed.