Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flannel Boards and Wooden Cut Outs

A friend and I were talking about what you can do with these wooden colorful shapes, that you can get at any craft store. First she came up with the idea of putting velcro on the back (the rough side) and using them at church. They stick to the back of the fabric covered benches, and are great for keeping toddlers quiet during church meetings. You could also take them to doctor's offices, or anywhere you would have to sit and wait in fabric covered chairs.(just don't let your baby chew on them...) Well we don't always get to sit on the benches at church-since we are often late-so we end up on the metal chairs. So I thought of putting magnets on the back of some of them -and the children can play with them on the chairs-again keeping them occupied and quiet during church. This led to another project for my toddler. A FLANNEL BOARD! I use to have one of these as a child, and when I taught school I had a few-and it was always a favorite. So we made one today. Here is what you do if you are interested.
You will need: felt or other fabric that is similar, spray adhesive, a board-we used white foam board, scissors, and packing tape or duct tape.
Prepare felt by cutting it a few inches larger than the board. I sewed some green and blue together so you have grass and sky or sea and land- depending on the orientation of the board. Follow directions for using spray adhesive and attach fabric.
On the back, use the adhesive to attach all sides. Cut the corners (that look like rabbit ears) on a diagonal and lay corners flat. (Mine wasn't perfect- so just get the corners to lay flat.) Cover all edges on back with packing or duct tape to reinforce it.
With the velcro on the back of your wooden cut outs, you now have hours of entertainment for your toddler! (Older children love this too.) These can also be used for stories, lessons, FHE, etc. And if you can find them on sale-(some were 10 cents the other day at Joann's) you have got yourself a bargain too! Happy Story-telling!


Michelle said...

Fabulous idea!!!! I used these wooden cut outs on James' growth chart. Now I have a new use for them.

Jennifer said...

Wow! You have great ideas and have been busy - 2 ideas in one day?!! I love the flannel board and always wondered what I would do with all those cute wooden shapes at craft stores....Thanks for the idea!

Young Family said...

I love it. I've been wanting to make a flannel board lately. Maybe this will be the incentive I need.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

Wow, cute blog... I love this idea. Looks easy and lots of fun for the kids. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the cute blog. Keep the great ideas coming!

teachingtinytots said...

wow i've never thought of wood cut outs!

great blog by the way!