Monday, July 21, 2008

RAINBOW Muffin Tin Monday Meal

Menu: frozen corn, blueberries, baby carrots, canned french-cut green beans, mango, hot dog
And for dessert: I had to buy "Rainbow" cookies- besides they were on sale!
Mama's Muffin Tin Lunch: (thought I'd join in the fun) salsa, tamale straight from Mexico, corn, fat-free sour cream, blueberries, and mango
I absolutely LOVE this way of feeding my toddler! He eats so much better. Today I let him pick what he wanted, and each time he would say, "That's my FAVORITE!" And he ate almost everything! For more muffin tin meals click here.


This Girl loves to Talk said...

yeah no problem with the FHE link... actually the more people who know the better... I esp love comments from random strangers that arent my friends ;)

it is so cool to find other LDS bloggers out there.. so fun.

corilee said...

This is a cute idea! I'll have to remember that for my picky eater and any future picky eaters that come my way!

corilee said...

I like this idea. I'll have to remember that for our picky eater and any future ones that come our way.

Michelle... said...

I love that you joined the fun. Where did you end up getting the 6 cup tins?

mylittlegems said...

Michelle, I got 6 hole muffin tins at Dollar Tree (thanks for the tip Emily) They were only $1 but they rust really easily. One already rusted from a little water in the sink. Oh well only a $1.