Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reading and Counting with Gummi Bears

Today we did a little counting and reading activity that was really fun and later turned into an "imaginary play" activity too.
Here is the book that I used. I have had this book for years and do not know if it is still in print. However, you can find it here.
First we read the book, and put out the color of gummi bears that the page showed, as we counted. I also let my little guy eat one of each color as we counted.
The book has the gummi bears doing different things, like getting in a circle....so we had our gummi bears get in a circle too.
We had fun lining the bears up, counting the bears, and naming the color of each bear- and of course eating the bears when we were done!


Michelle said...

Such a fun idea. I need to do that to help James with his colors too.

Young Family said...

How fun. I need to do things like that with Hayden.