Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What the CRAFT?

I have been thinking of changing my blog name to "What the Craft?"- because it sounds like another phrase I often say-"What the cra--".....not very nice I know. I decided I'll do a series of posts w/ crafts called "What the craft" for now. Here is my "display table" as of now. I made everything - except for a few things. I love to display old books- so I thought- why not use books we have- for each holiday-and I think that Harry Potter has got that Halloween feeling and look. If I had all the Twilight books- those would be a good fit for Halloween too. A few weeks ago I bought some decor items at Home Goods- love that store. However- I took everything back because.... 1) too much money for silly decorations especially right now and 2) I have too much stuff I want to make anyway. Over the next few weeks I will post about a few of the items on this table I have not posted about - and a "How to/brief tutorial" for those interested.
So "what the craft" are you crafting? Happy crafting!!


Young Family said...

Believe it or not I actually did something crafty last night. I'll post it on my blog soon. I think it turned out cute.

I would love to be as talented as you are.

Cami said...

Fun that you're using HP as a decoration.