Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordle Stitching (for Halloween)

Have you tried wordle? This fun little program on the internet makes word clouds/collages for you. I thought it would be fun to put into a stitching. So I tried one for Halloween.

1-First I chose my words and put them into wordle. 2-Then I printed it in different formats several times. 3- Next I wrote my own version (my stitching pattern) on paper. 4- Trace our pattern onto your fabric-I used muslin with warm and natural underneath- and then stitch away- using any colors you like . I also use a hoop to hold your fabric tight. If you are new to stitching, there is lots of information on the internet. You can always leave me a comment/question and I'd be happy to help you out.

I thought a wordle stitching would be fun to do for your kids- with their name and attributes, family, traditions, etc. ...OR you could do a vinyl lettering wordle collage- or a scrapbooking wordle collage. I think I will be trying both of those in the future.... Oh the fun you can have with words!!


Young Family said...

I love it!

Young Family said...

I want to make one for Christmas. How do I change the size/font of the words. When I changed it it changed them all.

Why can't you live close so you can help me do these fun projects?

Sara Adams said...

This is super cute! I will have to try it. Thanks for the advice on the car. I actually look up the price of just the main part, and it was a min. of $150, then shipping. Plus being without a car, while waiting for the part, we just could swing it. But thanks anyway!

Cami said...

Fun! I just saw that some Wordles were up in the hallway at the elementary school. I love word art.