Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clothespin Pumpkin

There are so many pumpkin crafts out there. I mean, today on Martha Stewart, she made a clock out of a pumpkin! And it even had lights to give it a glow! Well totally cute but I'm not making that. Anyway....Here is an easy pumpkin craft that will take you 10 minutes, and you can even do it with your kids. Plus, it is cute for October and November. I bought a pack of wooden clothespins at the dollar store during the summer. I had plans to use them for lots of crafts. It occured to me that they would make great stems for pumpkins. Here is what you need to make these:

fabric scraps


beans (for the bottom of the pumpkin)

paint- if you want to paint the clothespins

Cut a large almost- a -circle-piece with pinking shears if you have them. If not just use scissors.

Put the beans in the middle. Put the stuffing on top. Stick the clothespin in the middle of the stuffing. Gather the fabric up around the clothespin and tie tightly with twine. You may need some extra hands for this part. You can also run a gathering stitch on your sewing machine to help gather the fabric. I found it was easier to just do it by hand=no gathering stitch needed. Make sure all the fabric is tied in tightly. Trim off any excess fabric that may cover the clothespin. Add fabric scraps for leaves. And there you go! What pumpkin crafts have you seen or made lately?


Lara said...

Those turned out super cute!

Last year my Visiting Teacher made me a very similar pumpkin (no clothespin). This year, when I got it out, my 2 year old has over taken it and it is her new lovey. She sleeps with it and everything. Funny. :)

Cami said...

Oh yeah, I meant to say stuff about GJ. I haven't done anything on the blog since March, and we sort of just disbanded our group and are doing it informally for now, but we did it for 2 years, so you can probably have a good run.

I just invited everyone, journal or no, and provided paper for everyone who didn't have it. I had an assignment/theme for each meeting, but they didn't have to follow it. We listened to music, had "color warmups" with free drawing or writing, and shared our supplies. That's about it. Look on the blog for old assingments, and you'll have at least a year's worth. Do you have my mom's booklet? There's lots in there too.

I should have written an email, sorry. This was easier.

aaronandsharla said...

that is a very cute story! It cracks me up what kids become attached to :)

Young Family said...

I haven't made any pumpkin crafts lately. I'm lucky if I can do two things a year.

Dover Fam said...

Very cute pumpkins!!!!You have the cutest ideas.

Jodi said...

Love the pumpkins. Right now Jack and I are making our own pumpkin craft to decorate the front stoop. I'll share it with you when I'm done because it's totally something I could see you making with your boys.