Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Storytime: Piggie Pie and Zoom Broom

Read these fun stories (see below) and add a treat and a craft project! GREAT HALLOWEEN FUN!
After reading PIGGIE PIE and ZOOM BROOM- add some crafts and treats! Above is a BROOM TREAT BAG. Let the kids decorate the bag first. Then cut slits around-at least 1-2 inches from the bottom-so all the candy doesn't fall out. Add some sticks and a fabric scrap to hold it together and you have a toy broom-that is also a treat! Great idea for a Classroom party :) Below you will find a broom you can make- without the treats :)
Two of my favorite books made their way out of the storage bins for October! Piggie Pie and Zoom Broom are adorable children's books by Margie Palatini. If you have not read these books you are really missing out! The language and writing is extremely entertaining and educational. The illustrations are darling, and it is entertaining for parents too. A great story for the entire family!
If you have the story on tape or CD or can find it at the library, is it really fun to listen to -very well done! Very Fun!
To add to the fun, we made a little "toy" broom using some brown paper lunch sacks, a rubber band, a dowel, and a fabric scrap. (of course my little guy would rather it was a sword but I expected that)

So "prop up your tootsies, uncurl your toes, crunch down a cookie..." and enjoy these fun-filled stories! (words in quotes are from Zoom Broom by Margie Palatini)


Jennifer said...

I LOVE Piggie Pie, but I didn't know about Zoom Broom. I'm going to have to get it!

Jodi said...

Sharla, you are so creative. I love this idea. And isn't it so little boy to want everything/turn everything into a sword!