Monday, October 27, 2008

Money Saving Monday- RAINCHECKS

Ever go to the store and they are out of the thing you needed? I always get rainchecks from the grocery store when that happens. It is usually on things that are on sale. So when I go back the next week I am still getting the item at sale price. And as much as possible- I combine the sale item with coupons! HERE is an example of how rainchecks recently helped us out:
A few years ago Albertsons had rainchecks that NEVER EXPIRED!! It was kind of like buying stock in food! (Little did we know how much food prices would go up) I stocked up on rainchecks when they did not have what I needed. I had a raincheck (I actually have two) from 2006 for flour for 5lbs. for $1!!! You can't get flour for that price these days! It was on sale for $2 for 5lbs. a few weeks ago-still a good deal but twice the price. Well we ran out of flour. So we cashed in our raincheck and got 50 lbs.of flour for $10!!
Albertson's recently changed their rainchecks (like the one above) so they expire in 30 days. Fry's does the same thing. 30 days only-not as good as never expiring, but it can still save you money! So check your local grocery store and get a raincheck! You can really save some money!

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Sandra said...

I didn't like them when they changes to use within a month either, but still good to have.