Saturday, December 13, 2008

Footprint Snowman

I haven't been in the "crafting mood" lately, but I finally finished the boys Christmas P.J. shirts. I am making flannel bottoms to go with these shirts. When I taught school, we made doormats out of carpet squares, like this. I have made Christmas cards in the past with this same idea- with our baby's footprint. (Maybe we'll do it again next year too :))

If you are interested in making a Snowman Footprint T-shirt for your kids, or any snowman footprint, here are a few helper/instructions:


* I bought the shirts at Target for 4.99 each. You can use any t-shirt, but for the youngsters, this was the best.

*I also pre-washed the shirts.

*The best paint to use is craft acrylic paint. It is very permanent. I have tried ink (which is what I did w/ these) and it washes off over time. I actually used embossing ink, and embossing powder first on these shirts. That washed off somewhat, so I re-touched the entire thing w/ acrylic paint- which is why it looks like it does. I used a stipple brush, and I like that it looks all snowy.

*I painted the face w/ acrylic paints after it dried. I also had the kids use their fingers to make the snowflakes.

*Of course it helps to have someone help you when doing the footprint. The best thing to do, is put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt and lay it flat. Do a dry run with the little one and whoever is helping you, so you know where you will put the footprint.

*Once you paint their foot, and stamp it onto the fabric, press all the toes and their foot evenly, so that it stamps nicely on the fabric.

*You can always touch it up or go over it with paint and a stipple brush - as I did if you want it darker.

*Accessorize! Add a fabric scarf-I sewed a scrap of fabric on- buttons, and a hat if you wish. I did not want to cover their footprint up with much.

*Of course I wouldn't recommend sewing buttons on a baby's shirt- just for safety reasons.
*Have fun! This is one of my favorite projects to do w/ the kids. :)


Michelle said...

What a great idea. This is one I think I'll do with the boys while grandma is here to help.

The Krazy Girl said...

very cute project!!! They look awesome.

Cami said...

CUTE! Love the feeties.

Kellie said...

So cute, I love it for a card idea too! You are awesome for making pants to go with the shirts...hope you are feeling a little better.

Misty said...

Oooooohhhhh! I absolutely love this idea!!! I am going to do this as soon as I can get the shirts!!!!! WOW!!!

Laurel said...

You amaze me!

VickiT said...

These are the most adorable shirts ever! Great idea. Thank you so much.