Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas at Our House

I really wanted a things to look nice this year- like this here house- so cute and use some of the great ideas found here --but that is just not happening-as the kids take all the ornaments off the tree daily. But I tried. Here ya go- a little look into our home :)

I don't own a tree skirt-I can never find one that I like and haven't ever made one- so I just used a quilt. I had plans to make quilt squares to hang up on the tree to match the red and whites...but obviously that hasn't happened maybe next year...or the next.....or in 5 years...

Here are a few of the lovelies we have for Christmas....From Top to Bottom/Left to Right:
The table tree-where the presents are going- the one tree the kids can't knock over; homemade stockings; the only nativity set I own- a Mary Englebreit one of children doing the Christmas pageant-so cute; next row:
the two small trees in the living room that the kids knock over every day. I finally just took all the ornaments off of them; the snowman/penguin toy that sings 'jingle bells' non-stop; part of our Christmas past photo wall; my little cupboard- my dad built for me when I was 7- w/ a few C-mas things on it- not too breakable-since little fingers touch this constantly;
bottom row: bunch of silly C-mas stuff-desperately trying to look festive; above- the two crafts I did this year- advent and a vinyl word/tree on glass; FROSTY- this thing sings non-stop too and of course the kids just love love love it;
and quilt shelf- w/ a bunch of silly stuff on top and a hokey wall hanging that is like 10 years old- I started a fun crazy patch Christmas quilt to hang here instead...but it isn't going to happen this year...maybe sometime later...
So maybe someday we'll have a fun/cute/homemade/adorable/ Christmas at our house. For now we just enjoy what we have, make the best out of it, and our glad we have a roof over our heads and a little family to share the holidays with....Merry Christmas!

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