Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping Spree/Wish List Activity

After watching my son spend hours looking at toy catalogs, and then pretending his blocks were money and he was "Ebeneezer Scrooge" (we watched Mickey's Christmas Carol a few times), we decided to have a pretend Shopping Spree! This is a great activity for older and younger kids.
Wish List for Younger Kids:
1. Browse through the Sunday paper ads or your toy catalogs and cut out pictures of things they like and would love to have.
2. Tape or glue them on a poster.
3. There you have your own personal "Wish List" that you can now treasure....( after all-who needs all those toys- we have pictures of them! ha!)

Shopping Spree for Older Kids:

1. Pretend you have a lot of money! Tell your child what the limit is. For me, I "pretended" we had $2500 to spend just for me! Yes, I am totally dreaming. The actual amount is like $25. :)
2. Find pictures of things in the catalogs or newspaper that you would love to have or dream of having.
3. Cut, tape, glue on a poster or paper.
4. Add up the total and see how close you got to the actual amount. I got $2430- $70 under my "pretend" budget!
** EXTRA- you could also have your kids figure out tax if you have kids that can do that. You could also give a prize to the child who got closest to your set amount. (example- each child gets $100 - whoever can get their wish list to be closest to that, gets a prize.) Make a game out of it and as always...Have fun!

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