Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hanging Paper Hearts

Here is a fun Valentine decor-craft you can do with your kids.
You will need:
patterned papers, cardstock (I used the 12 by 12 size)
Scissors, paper cutter
curling ribbon or other ribbon
(hole punch- optional)
Cut the paper w/ the paper cutter into 1 inch strips. For variety, you can cut some larger.
To make a heart: fold a strip right in the middle and crease it. Then bring the ends together and staple, forming a heart. You can add another smaller heart in the middle or make larger hearts by using two strips of paper. You can also use two strips together when making a heart, so you have a pattern on both sides.
Staple or tie curling ribbon to hearts to hang up. You can also use a hole punch to punch a hole for the ribbon to go through.
Be creative! We made hearts in all different arrangements and hung them from our
ever-so-not-pretty kitchen light! It made it look lots better- and much more l-o-v-ely!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Kellie said...

So easy and so cute!!! Love the idea, thanks!

Jodi said...

Great idea, Jack will love helping me make this fun Valentine decoration.

TrishAnderson said...

These are such a cute idea. Thank you for taking the time to post the instructions!

CC said...

I love this! I'm totally going to try it at school and/or home!

Selissa said...

Came over from Tip Junkie! I love this idea! It will be great to do with my kids.