Monday, January 12, 2009

Money Saving Monday! Sales + Coupons

Although I have been clipping coupons for 6 years now, I have not been very diligent about using them and organizing them lately. It only takes me about 30 minutes a week, to organize and plan what coupons to use- and I am here to tell you IT PAYS OFF! As part of being organized for this year, I am going to spend a 1/2 hour a week doing this. Today I shopped our local Alberton's Quaker Sale- and Here is the lowdown:

**Before food prices went up, Alberton's had this Quaker sale 10 for 10$. With coupons, back in the day, I could get the things on this sale for 75 cents each or less. BUT with the rise in the cost of food, the sale price this week was 1.57 each. **HOWEVER...using your coupons- from the newspaper, -and don't throw away the ones they print out for you when you buy groceries-I use those too (and sometimes they work for other stuff that is the same brand-so always ask the cashier if you can use it)- I got this stuff for $1 an item!!! In fact, all of this was only 20.25!!! Actually less than a dollar each!! Now if you are going to an Alberton's here, they only let you get one deal per transaction. But you can ring up as many transactions as you like. I did three. Without coupons, 7 items would have cost me $11- which is still a pretty good deal. But with coupons, 7 items cost me $7!
I don't think I have paid over $2 for a box of cereal in over a year- unless of course there is no sale and I buy it at Costco. I never pay more than $2 for a box of Granola bars, and in the past 2 years, we have not paid over a dollar for a container of oats. Now that is what I call MONEY SAVING!! If you don't clip coupons, and don't get the Sunday paper- DO IT!! You will save some moolah!


Sandra said...

That's great that you do coupons. Sometimes I wish I were into coupons. :) Hope your feeling well.

Lara said...

I just got back from Albertsons (where they were having a completely different but awesome sale) and I totally agree with you!

Kritta22 said...

I miss Albertson's. We would score all kinds of stuff there. We would just go buy whatever was on sale for 10 for 10 that day/week.

Mamaoftwins said...

Woo Hoo. Great job! Im a major coupon shopper too and I LOVE these deals. In fact I just opened my ad this morning and saw this similar sale. Hum.. might have to go in tomorrow when they have their 8 hr sale :)