Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shoebox Semi-Truck

I have been meaning to make a Semi-Truck out of a shoebox with my three year old for quite some time! We finally did it the other day- and instantly it is his favorite toy. :)
We used a shoebox, wrapping paper, stickers, Gatorade lids (headlights), empty ribbon holders (tires), pipe cleaners, scotch tape, and a razor blade and hot glue (only I used those last two items...of course)

When making something out of a shoebox like this, just use your imagination and creativity, and let your child give as much imput as possible. The words on the Semi-Truck- are ones my son decided he wanted it to say. He really wanted it to say "Target"-go figure- and a few others we just came up with using the leftover stickers. He also wanted a sunroof- so we made one. He has been having a ball playing with the silly thing!
Have fun making your own shoebox creations!
Happy Crafting with the kiddos!


Jo-Anne said...

You are such a fun mommy! This is great!!!!

familywithfivekids said...

I love this! I need to do this with Ryan

Cami said...

Very fun!