Friday, February 6, 2009

Love List #2 - Things that start w/ "S"

Just for fun, I thought I'd post a love list of things that start with the same letter as my first name. I challenge you to do this, and see what you come up with that you love that starts with the same letter as your first name :)

LOVE LIST "Things that start with S" (in no particular order)

1. SUMMER! Since we live where it is warm most of the year, I guess we almost have summer all year long. I love it all- except when it is over 100 degrees :)

2. SPRING! While I'm talking about seasons, let's add Spring. I think I like spring more than summer- at least where I live. I just miss the green grass and the colorful flowers- I need more of them :)

3. SIBLINGS I have been blessed w/ many siblings...4 brothers, 4 sisters, and even more in-laws! It is really fun to be related to so many wonderful people!

4. SUNSHINE I love the sunshine- it does me a lot of good.... not to mention getting me some of that vitamin D from that sunshine. :)

5. my SPOUSE Where would I be without him? He is incredible and I am very blessed to have him in my life.

6. SINCERITY - honesty, being genuine, and true...something to strive to be everyday...

7. SLEEP- Always underestimated- how valuable this one is... I did not get much last night- and am really dragging today :)

8. SERVICE-Accepting service from others, and being able to give service to others. "Those who are happiest, are those who do the most for others." -Booker T. Washington

9. "SKILLS" As Napoleon Dynamite said, "you can borrow some of my skills..." Don't you wish we could do that- borrow each other's skills? :) Being able to develop new skills, and learn new things- always learning new skills is a good thing for me ;)

10. Silliness- Not taking yourself or things too seriously...spending time w/ children being silly or just laughing at yourself...finding joy in the little things, and being silly whenever you can. Sometimes- when I find myself getting "serious and stubborn" w/ my spouse, I will say something really- out there- really silly- and we both start laughing and things get much better.

11. Snapshots- Being able to capture life's little moments in photographs. Always loved photography, and always will. There is something about going back and looking at old snapshots from the past that always makes me feel more grateful for the people and blessings in my life.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE? Use one letter (the first letter of your name or other letter) and see what you can come up with that you love :) have fun....:)


Young Family said...

You forgot a very important one. Silence! I could use more of it (especially as I am listening to a screaming baby.)

Lara said...

Great idea! I really like your list...all good stuff that I am thankful for. Although I really really really miss living in Arizona.

I think I'll do this one soon!

Berry Patch said...

I'm working on posting a list of my own. Thanks for sharing!