Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why I LOVE being a Mom (LOVE LIST #1)

Since it is February, the month of love, I am going to post a few of the things I love :)

I usually don't post very personal stuff on here. I try to save that for my journal, etc. But lately my heart has been very full of gratitude for the incredible blessing of being a mother and wife.

I am not a young mother. I did not get married until I was in my 30's. I had a career and got to do many things in my 20's-which looking back was an incredible blessing. My heart sometimes seems to skip a beat when I think of the incredible blessings I now get to enjoy- of being a mommy. Now here are a few of the reasons I LOVE it- since it is the month of l-o-v-e. :) I'll try not to be too serious and sentimental! :)

1. YOU GET TO DRIVE A MINIVAN if you choose-AND NO ONE LOOKS AT YOU FUNNY-ok so maybe they look at you funny if you have a van full of kids, but you don't care. (I love our Honda Odyssey)

2. YOU CAN WEAR SWEATS ALL DAY if you choose- and it is just expected. I actually hang up my nice sweats and try to keep them stain free. Yes, there is such a thing as nice sweats. :)

3. YOU GET TO DO ENDLESS PILES OF LAUNDRY. Joy joy joy!! And you get to stare at endless piles of laundry that still need to be washed....such as it is in my case these days. :)

4. GOING TO THE PARK CAN BE A DAY OUT ON THE TOWN. Who knew the park could be so much fun?

5. YOU CAN WATCH SESAME STREET AGAIN...and it is O.K. You are not considered weird for doing so, since your 3 year old watches it with you.

6. IF YOU ARE REALLY ON TOP OF THINGS, YOU MIGHT GET A NAP SOME DAYS. OK so I am not that on top of it, but a nap sure would be nice-and there were days - when I had one child- when I actually did get a nap- oh those were the days!

7. YOU GET TO MAKE STUFF. Since you are not working full-time, you can make crafts and stuff (sometimes I call it the other word- c-r-a-p) - well anyway you can learn new things you never had time for. Plus you can cook homemade meals-- on the good days :)

8. ENDLESS HUGS AND SMILES AND KISSES FROM YOUR KIDS- even slobbery ones are still the best things ever!

9. YOU CAN MAKE EVERYTHING ALL BETTER IN SOMEONE ELSE'S world--- kissing the cut better, putting a band-aid on it, stories, hugs, kisses, rocking in the rocking chair, you suddenly hold the magic touch!

10. YOU GET TO STEP ON TOYS AND HURT YOUR FEET-- there was a time when my house was spotless- no toys to step on or pick up. No longer the case around here- but it is a blessing- stepping on toys and hurting your feet, bending over and hurting your back as you clean up the blocks. A real blessing - (no seriously folks, it is!)

I think 10 reasons is enough for now. I seriously love my little guys and love being a mommy.

"The Hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."


Lara said...

Beautiful post, Sharla! Sometimes these things are easy to overlook.

I love my Odyssey too!

Rachael said...

I hear ya on the sweats thing. Right now I am currently in my favorite pair of sweats, and yes they do get hung up! Ha! Nice list. Also, LOVE the pictures you took of the Sanders. Their little girl is BEAUTIFUL!

Young Family said...

So true! It is easy to take for granted all of the blessings of being a mommy.

Niki Carpenter said...

Thanks for reminding me there are reasons to be grateful for motherhood :)

jennwa said...

Being a Mom is the best job in the world. Even after a bad day, when I am laying my head down on my pillow, I still thanks God for allowing me to be a Mom.
Beautiful post.HAve a great weekend.