Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Decoration = Easter Puzzle

Remember this? and this? Well we could not find any Easter place mats at the dollar store, so we settled for an Easter Decoration. This works just like a place mat puzzle that we have made before. Of course, I would never use a decoration like this for an actual place mat. This is made out of heavier clear plastic. To make a puzzle from a window decoration- simply remover the plastic suction cup that is used to hang this up in a window, and decoration tag, then cut up into puzzle pieces with regular scissors. This is great for a quiet activity when waiting at the doctor, church, etc. I store these holiday puzzles with my holiday stuff, so each year when we get it out, it is like a brand new puzzle ;) By the way, if you do find an Easter place mat where you live, can you please let me know what store you found it at - thanks!


Jill-O said...

Hey Sharla,
I have seen place mats at Target, Walmart, and today I am going to TJMaxx--last year they had some. I do not remember prices though--just that these places carry them. Do you guys have a Home Goods? We don't but I went to one in California and they had lots of place mats--Eastery. I wish we had one--it is way cheap too. :)

TrishAnderson said...