Tuesday, March 3, 2009

RE-finishing Kitchen Chairs

Remember this? OK...so maybe I didn't post it. But this past summer we worked really hard for weeks refinishing this solid oak pedestal dining room table we inherited from my grandparents. She has been used quite a bit now, but she is still pretty :) We stained her black- so we could still see the beautiful grain of the wood.
This past week, my sweet husband finally finished up two of the chairs to match!
Here is the BEFORE:
And here are two chairs finally complete and ready to join our kitchen. Instead of staining them, like we did the table, we opted to paint them instead.
For now, we only have 2 black chairs...but we have more in the works :) Thank you to my sweet husband for working so hard on these. ( I have an obsession with turning almost all the furniture in my house black or red:))


Atkins Family said...

table and chairs look great.

Sandra Nixon said...

I love the chairs and i do remember the table.
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Tara said...

Oh i love it!! i love that "black" is back in...very pretty! ♥

Erica said...

Looks great! I'm excited to see the entire thing together once it's all complete. You can't go wrong with black - it's my color of choice as well :)

Niki Carpenter said...

The table looks fantastic!!!! And I can't believe those are the same chairs! Way to go!

Hirano Hapa-nings said...

Can you share how you prepared the table and chairs for paint? I have a birch table and chairs I would love to paint black.