Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Today read a Dr. Seuss book, watch a movie made from one of his books, draw the Cat in the Hat- (my favorite thing to do when I taught school and the kids whether 2nd graders or 6th graders- loved it), or find a fun activity at Suessville. (This website is loaded with all kinds of fun things! Check it out!)


Lara said...

My kids always look forward to Dr. Seuss day because the school does a pajama day and they just lie around reading Dr. Seuss all day! fun times!

rebecca said...

Ha! I was just thinking today about those pictures you drew with our 2nd graders during Dr. Seuss rotations. I loved them! They always turned out soooo cute!!