Sunday, June 14, 2009

Onesies, Burp Cloths, & Linky Love

Babies must have onesies and burp cloths right? With my last baby I was into making these burp cloths here. While I loved them, I always ended up using the cloth diapers instead. So then the "embellished cloth diaper burp cloth" thingy got really big- so I did some of that. Well now the "appliqued onesie" thingy is really big too- and I think it is super cute. So I tried doing a little bit of it. Last thing I remember appliqueing was a pillow I made in the 7th grade...yeah I know...applique has been back for a while now. So easy- I think I'll do it more often!

I used some IKEA fabric here and just cut out the bird, used iron on pellon, zig-zagged around it, and for the burp rag just sewed a strip of the fabric down the middle of a cloth diaper for a burp rag.

This was some construction fabric I had and I just cut out some of the signs for the onesie.

Tutorials on "how to" do this stuff are just everywhere!!
Here are just a few tutorials for onesies and burp cloths:
Designing Moms Applique Onesies Very cute- make your own applique
Angry Chicken- quick gifts for the small- onesies Using printed fabric- how I did it :)
Chick Pea Studio Burp Cloths this is so easy- how I like it :)


Deb said...

Super cute! Those would make a fabulous baby gift!

Sarah said...

You did a great job with these! Thanks for the link!

-Sarah from Create Studio

Julie Baldwin said...

I also like to make burp cloths out of towels (My daughter would win an Olympic gold medal in the spit-up competition.) You can make six out of one large bath towel. I just cut out the burp cloth shape and then use fun fabric to bind the edges. It is super easy and they actually soak up the spit-up.
I really like your cute onsies too!

Michelle... said...

These are so cute and look way easy to do! I don't think I've ever appliqued anything. Sure you don't want to move back to Utah? LOL :)

Niki Carpenter said...

Those are fantastic! Everything I see on your blog should be featured in a magazine of sold in some high end boutique. I am so jealous of your crafting talent!!! Keep it up, it really is a gift!