Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kid-Crafted Halloween Garland/Banner

Here is what we did with our craft foam and pipe cleaner Halloween crafts. We hung them on a strip of ripped fabric- with a stapler. These are the times when I wish I had a banister or a mantel in my house. But alas, I am not so lucky. So we hang this type a thing up along a window....with some nice blinds always in the background. ☻ Anyhoo...I think we'll save this for next Halloween, and improve upon it some. ☻ (Please note: the mom in this house made most of these kid-crafts...with the help and supervision of her children.)


Leslie said...

this is such a fun way to display what they have made.

Jane said...

super cute way to contain all those little projects!

Amber Omer said...

Cute, and so simple. I'm all about the stapler! :)