Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Storytime: Skeletons and Bones

What is Halloween without some skeletons? ☻
Using about 4 pipe cleaners (chenille stems) and a little piece of craft foam, you can make a little skeleton. (these go with along with our other kid crafts from pipe cleaners -seen below)
Here are our favorite skeleton stories that are perfect for young children:

super cute book with a catchy little rhyme-easy read

Based on the folk song Dem Bones this book teaches the bones by using the song-great learning book!
Margery Cuyler is one of my favorite authors for kids. This book is really short, easy to read, and has darling illustrations! Love it!
What  skeleton stories are you reading?


Woolverton Girl said...

I love these, they are too cute!

Andrea said...

Thank you, my 4 year old has an odd fascination with bones and skeletons she'll love this!