Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 Months

photo: baby at almost 5 months old now

2 months ago this little guy was only out of surgery one month.
I thought everything would be fine until the next surgery- a few years from then.
2 months ago we were told he had to go back to the hospital for 2 weeks.
2 months ago I wasn't sure what was going to happen with my little boy.
2 months ago I thought everything would be O.K.
Now I worry about every move I make with this sweet little guy.
I don't want him back in the hospital. ☻
2 months ago we did not owe that much in medical bills.
Now we have more co-pays and bills than we ever thought possible.
2 months ago I thought I knew who my friends were.
Now I know- people came from everywhere bringing us food, offering to help watch the kids, etc.
I still have a full heart from that, and cannot thank them enough.
2 months ago I was upset that my house was always a mess.
It still is a mess, but I am grateful to be at home and to have a house to live in.
2 months ago I could not wait to quit nursing. (it isn't my favorite.)
Now I don't know when I'll quit- since this little guy needs me- I'll sacrifice for him.
2 months ago, losing weight and making craft crap was all I thought about.
Now I am thankful for  each day that baby is healthy and  that I am able to be a mommy to my sweet 3 little boys. Perspective is a wonderful thing.
2 months ago, I loved my family. I loved being a mommy.
Now I not only love it, I treasure each moment, and thank my Heavenly Father more each day, for the wonderful opportunity to be called MOM.
yeah, I was having a moment where I just wanted to hug my kids, and husband-if he was home- and just count my blessings. Home + Family = Wonderful.


Susan Brady said...

Thanks for sharing, sometimes we all need to step back and see what is really important in our lives. I think you have your values in order. You are a very special Mommy and know that those moments are precious and worth treasuring!

Laurel said...