Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Napkin Rings- {Indian Corn}

This is a fun craft kids can do with mom, which can help decorate your Thanksgiving table. (I saw something similar in a magazine years ago.)
Indian Corn Napkin Rings:
You need:
felt- small squares
assorted buttons
popsicle/craft sticks


Lay out 6 popsicle sticks on a felt square. Cut the felt slightly larger. Glue the sticks to the felt. (I used hot glue- which was a little messy- and obviously you would not let a child use.)
Pick out fall colored buttons- yellow, brown, orange, etc.
Lay out the buttons on the sticks in a random order.
Carefully glue the buttons to the sticks.
When dry, attach twine to the back side on both ends, so that it can tie around the napkin. (I glued a button over the twine where it attached to the felt, to help hold it in place.)
Wrap around napkins, tie, and enjoy a pretty little fall napkin ring.
This is a great craft for the little ones to assist with- they can sort the buttons, and use their small motor skills to place the buttons on the sticks. If you use hot glue- don't let the children touch-(obviously). Glue dots would be perfect for putting on the buttons, but might not hold up as well, and you wouldn't want a loose button around your food. ☻
Happy Thanksgiving!


Cami said...

Great several last posts. I especially like the cute turkey treats and the teepees. Very fun.

Selina said...

Lovely rings Sharla, im going to bookmark this page and maybe try to make something like this once. Tnx for sharing :)