Sunday, November 8, 2009

Make your own Baby Wrap/Carrier

I meant to post this months ago...the photo is the day before we were in the hospital for 2 weeks...little did I know how awful this little one was feeling at the time.
My friend Lindsay, told me quite a while ago, that I really should make my own baby wrap, as I was looking into buying a Moby wrap. Well, I'm so glad I made my own. I wish I had this style of baby carrier with all my kids. I LOVE it! And it is so comfortable to wear. It is a definite must have for every mommy. There are so many ways you can wear it. Baby loves it. I think it is pretty cute (especially since it hides all the baby rolls that are left on me-don't worry- that is my big project I am working on-losing the weight...☻)
You can also wear it in the car- without the baby in it of course, and put your seat belt on, and then when you get to where you are going, just take the baby out of his/her car seat, and put the baby in the carrier. You can also nurse your baby while wearing this (I don't do that but you can), and your baby can sleep in it, etc. etc.  One thing I don't like about other styles of baby carriers, is the fact that you have to take it off, and put it back on, etc. etc. This one you could really where all day - and take the baby out, and put the baby back in as needed.
EASY- buy about 5-6 yards of slightly stretchy fabric- I used a jersey knit fabric (runs at about $8) a yard.
You only need about 1/2 the width, so this much fabric will make 2 baby wraps.
Buy about 1/2 a yard of a cotton fabric to coordinate- and sew a piece on right in the very middle. This just helps the fabric not stretch so much where the baby will be,  and helps you easily find the middle which is essential for tying it on and off, plus it looks cute. ☻
NOW FOR THE HARD PART: tying/wearing this thing- which really is not that hard after you learn how to do it. - there are a million YouTube videos on "how to wear or tie a baby wrap" Most are extremely helpful, some you have to watch a few times, and then you just practice tying it with baby. You can wear it several different ways....I just LOVE IT! I have another one just like the one pictured for sale in my shop- since it made two-- anyone want it?I'm selling it very good price...since I don't need two wraps.  I'll give you a list of videos to watch to help you tie it. (wink, wink) I love it- and just love it! Makes life with baby so much better!

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Leslie said...

i love this. i can not wait to show my friend who has a little one that wants to be held all the time. she is going to make one for sure.